December is the second month of the year in which most travel, according to Skyscanner

The number of searches to fly in New Year grows by 7%

The month of December is, after August, the second month of the year in which more travel, according to a study by Skyscanner that ensures that the number of searches to fly in the New Year have grown by 7% while prices have also fallen in this same percentage.

11% of flights and 12% of hotel registrations throughout the year take place during the last month of the year, with differences of less than two points with respect to August figures.


The budget dedicated to travel at Christmas is less than 200 euros for 44%, up to 500 euros for a third of respondents and more than 500 euros for 20% of travelers.

With regard to accommodation, almost half of the respondents (47%) choose to stay in a budget hotel, 35% do so at home with family or friends and 18% take the opportunity to treat themselves and rest in a hotel. special hotel.

The days before Christmas Eve are the days when you travel the most, according to Skyscanner. Thus, between December 21 and 23, 28% of the air travel of the entire Christmas period takes place. 26% take place the days before New Year’s Eve and 8% occur to celebrate the arrival of the Magi outside the home.



The data confirm that one more year the interest of travelers continues to rise to bid farewell to the year traveling. Thus, the number of searches to fly in the New Year increases by 7% compared to last year.

This same is the average percentage of flights (-7%) down to the main 15 destinations: London, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Buenos Aires, Brussels, Rome, Berlin, Vienna, Tenerife, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Gran Canaria, Seville and Palma.

Although the preferred cities for these dates are maintained year after year, there are also those who value new alternatives and the emerging destinations to dismiss the year are Vienna, with an increase of searches of 318%, San Francisco (+ 201%), Dusseldorf (+ 192%), Quito (+ 129%), Istanbul (+ 115%) and Miami (+ 109%).