Cuba will host the XXI edition of the Habano Festival, which will start on February 18

The brands Trinidad, celebrating its 50th anniversary, and San Cristóbal de La Habana, for its 20th anniversary will have a special role

Havana (Cuba) will host the XXI Habano Festival, which this year celebrates the 500th anniversary of the Cuban capital considered a city of wonder. The largest international meeting for lovers of the best tobacco in the world, the Habano, will be held from February 18 to 22.

Participants from this unique product will come from all corners of the world and will have the San Cristóbal de La Habana, Hoyo de Monterrey and Trinidad brands as protagonists.

For five days, those attending the XXI Habano Festival will enjoy a complete program of activities where they will learn about the origins, elaboration and the most diverse aspects of the Habano culture.

It will be an intense week dedicated to the latest news, knowledge and enjoyment of the Habano, in which attendants from more than 60 countries are expected.

The Festival keeps visits to the tobacco plantations in Vuelta Abajo, in the Pinar del Río region, considered the best land in the world for the cultivation of tobacco; and the visit to the factories producing the main launches this year.

There will also be three nights full of the best live music, with international artists of recognized trajectory, the best gastronomy of Cuba and the tasting of Habanos and drinks from different parts of the world.

The opening of the Trade Fair and, especially, the Welcome Night will mark the beginning of the Habano Festival on February 18. The Trade Fair is the meeting and exchange point for professionals from the tobacco sector from all over the world, exhibitors of manufacturers of luxury products in general, as well as artisans, artists, manufacturers of articles for cigars and gourmet products.

The Welcome Night, which will take place in the Old Warehouse of Wood and Tobacco of the port of Havana, will be dedicated to San Cristóbal de La Habana, which celebrates its 20th anniversary, and to the 500th anniversary of the city that gave it its name, Havana.


The program will also have classes and lectures, led by recognized experts in the world of Habanos, gathered at the International Seminar, which will open on Wednesday, February 20.

In addition, The XXI edition of the Habano Festival will organize, for the second time, the Habanos World Challege competition, in which the general knowledge of Habano will be measured in its various phases of the process, from its cultivation and elaboration to its enjoyment, starting from a series of challenges that the participants of the different countries will have to overcome during all the stages of the contest (official rules published in

The Night dedicated to Hoyo de Monterrey Grand Reserve Double Crowns Harvest 2013 will take place in the El Laguito Protocol Hall on Wednesday, February 20, with a cocktail dinner for 800 guests in one of the largest events designed for the enjoyment of lovers of the most prestigious Premium cigars in the world.

On February 22, it will be the great closing of the Festival, with a Gala Night dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of the Trinidad Brand. The event will conclude with the habano man awards and the traditional auction of humidors, whose collection, as is tradition, will be entirely devoted to the Cuban public health system.