Cuba expects to exceed 4.3 million foreign tourists in 2019

Cuba expects to exceed 4.3 million foreign tourists in 2019

Cuba has achieved three million international tourists so far this year arriving on the island, a figure recorded on Thursday, with Canada as the main issuing market for visitors followed by European countries, according to official data released by the Ministry of Tourism (Mintur ) Cuban.

By 2019, Cuba expects to exceed 4.3 million international tourists, which means that the planned plan for the year will be 84.3%, although with a decrease of 10% compared to 2018, as the authorities Cuban tourists reported in July on the evolution of the sector

The Cuban government had set itself the goal of reaching 5.1 million international tourists this year for revenues of 3,000 million dollars (2,706 million euros).

According to his analysis, 2.34 million tourists traveled to Cuba and in 2014 the three million international visitors were reached for the first time. Two years later this figure was exceeded.

In a statement, the Ministry of Tourism highlights that this figure «demonstrates the confidence and recognition achieved by Cuban tourism as a destination that offers security and quality to its visitors.» It also values ​​the «higher growth rate» of arrivals from Russia, «with development prospects for the coming seasons.»

The department emphasizes that this figure has been achieved «despite targeted campaigns directed by the United States Government to prevent the flow of tourists to our country.»

The data show a decrease in travelers attributed to the tightening of US sanctions. since June, with special impact on arrivals by sea, since the US Administration suspended cruise trips to the island – the remainder of the arrival of 560,000 Americans during the remainder of the year -, according to Mintur.