Cruises will deny boarding to anyone who has been in China, Hong Kong or Macao 14 days before for the coronavirus

Cruise ships will deny boarding to all persons who have traveled to or from China, as well as transited the country via the airport, including Hong Kong and Macao, during the 14 days prior to entering the ship, according to the decision taken by the Association Cruise Lines International (CLIA) this Friday to prevent infection on board the coronavirus.

In a statement, CLIA, which represents 90% of the international cruise capacity, details that the safety and health of passengers and crew is their «number one priority», which is why they have reinforced health security protocols both for passengers and crew following the guidelines of health authorities, such as the World Health Organization (WHO).

In addition to restricting access to those who have visited the affected areas, CLIA has established that all those who have had contact or have assisted anyone suspected of suffering, diagnosed or subject to coronavirus health surveillance within 14 days be denied boarding. previous.

Likewise, the members of the association must carry out pre-shipment tests to implement these measures, whereby anyone who has symptoms of coronavirus must undergo the relevant tests and receive official medical assistance.

CLIA has detailed that they are closely monitoring the development of the situation and recalled that the cruise industry is one of the «best equipped and most experienced» in managing and monitoring the sanitary conditions of the passage.