Costa del Sol is committed to travel familiarization of journalists and travel agents for promotion

Tourism Costa del Sol has bet during 2018 for trips to familiarize journalists and travel agents as one of the main tools to promote the destination. Thus, it has allocated to the organization of days, ‘fam trips’ and ‘press trips’, 250,000 euros to the promotion during the current year.

These actions, included in the framework of the so-called reverse actions, “have met their objective of improving the positioning and reputation of the brand and disseminate the potential of its tourism segments,” said Arturo Bernal, general director of the entity.

Within the inverse actions, familiarization trips are those that acquire a greater prominence. In order to acquire more knowledge about the destination they are selling in their countries of origin, travel agents visit the Costa de Sol; a fact that “aims to support the work of promotion with continuous training of professionals in the sector to remain quality leaders and sell our product with a full knowledge of the offer we have,” Bernal remarked.

These actions, focused both on the national and international market, follow the segmentation strategy established in the Action Plan that allows managing the seasonality of tourism, loyalty to visitors with a customized product, have explained from the Provincial Council in a statement.


The inverse actions specialized in the multi-segment product are the ones that have received the most investment from Turismo Costa del Sol in 2018, with a budget of 80,000 euros, highlighting the MTS Globe, the annual meeting that took place on the Costa del Sol during the first quarter of the year and that brought together more than 200 managers of the tour operators and international travel agents, “which allowed us to show on site the benefits of the destination”.

For its part, the golf segment received an investment of 55,000 euros to carry out these actions, among which have underlined the ‘fam trip’ with UGolf, the most important French golf services company in its sector. The target audience ranges from golf associations to companies in both the public and private sectors; a fact that greatly enhances the promotion of the destination of the Costa del Sol.

One of the segments that has gained most prominence during the second half of the year has been the holiday and leisure. With the aim of promoting its offer in the British market, this being one of the priorities, Turismo Costa del Sol received last September a group of six bloggers and British ‘influencers’ in collaboration with Turismo Andaluz, and jet2holidays.

Lastly, the MICE segment received an investment of 35,000 euros in 2018 for the implementation of this type of actions, among which the familiarization trip with the Association of the Professional Secretariat of Madrid, with representation of important multinational companies, has been highlighted.

The Communication Department is “convinced of the need to reinforce the intense work of promotion and marketing of the different departments and business areas of Tourism and Planning Costa del Sol with the support of an efficient Communication Action, which joins in this way to the strategies of the promotional entity “.

According to the Director General of Tourism Costa del Sol, Arturo Bernal, “it is vital to achieve a broad presence in the national and international media, trying to make it positive and getting response from the world’s leading opinion leaders with the objective to influence the strengthening of the brand. ”

“Achieving a good reputation and maintaining it is the main premise that must have a destiny to continue being in the front line.” The value and impact of a positive assessment, on the part of the leading opinion leaders at national and international level, on our destiny. it’s priceless, “Bernal insisted.

In this sense, one of the most important actions for the entity is the familiarization trips of the media to the province, actions at the destination, either of their own design, specialized in different segments or markets, or in response to requests for collaboration from other provincial, autonomous, national and international institutions.

For Tourism Costa del Sol “is one of the most profitable promotional tools, which is why the ‘press trips’ are promoted as one of the most effective actions for the destination,” they concluded.