Costa del Sol detects the need to carry out actions in the German market to reposition destiny

It would be training and communication with agencies and tour operators

The professionals of the German tourism sector have transmitted to the Costa del Sol the activation of other destinations in the Mediterranean, although they agree that the destination has a target audience with a profile very different from those of these markets and, in this sense, they have encouraged the entity to continue working in those niche markets that provide greater profitability to the destination.

In this line, the president of Turismo Costa del Sol, Francisco Salado, said that “the different German operators have confirmed the suitability of our positioning strategy in the new tourism cycle”.

Salado added that, however, “the New Costa del Sol must reinforce its brand image in the German market with training and communication actions with agencies and tour operators, as a conclusion of the joint analysis carried out with the German issuing sector”.

As main elements “we are aware of the need to continue working on quality to compete in the market, with premium products, and transcend the competition in prices”.

According to Salado, it is also necessary to continue insisting on investment and renovation of equipment and installations in general and, particularly, in hotel accommodation.

At this point, he indicated that “in the last three years the Costa del Sol has made a major effort to renovate the hotel plant, but now it is necessary, in addition to continuing this investment effort, to undertake actions to communicate to the German tourism sector that the Costa del Sol is a destination that has been effectively renovated “.

Thus, the meetings held by those responsible for the Costa del Sol, “have helped us lay the foundations to define future strategies that will lead us to the German market have a real knowledge of the improvements that have been made in the destination” said Salado, who insisted that “this will certainly help to stimulate the demand of customers with a high purchasing power in the coming years.

In addition, in this line the Costa del Sol will continue advancing in an improvement of sustainability, one of the main challenges and strategy of Tourism Costa del Sol, an aspect that is especially valued by this market, as in northern Europe.

On the other hand, the cognitive intelligence tool has been one of the elements with which the Costa del Sol has been able to measure the interaction of professionals who have approached the stand during the fair.

In this sense, the aforementioned intelligence tool has detected more than 160,000 interactions with the elements of the destination in the first two days of the fair.

This tool has also detected that 59 percent of the professionals who have approached the Andalusian stand have interacted with the Costa del Sol.

Similarly, they have pointed out that several cognitive detection devices have been used connected to the artificial cognitive intelligence engine that “have given us information on how the market behaves to detect the emotions we generate among the professionals who visit us”.

This information will not only help us to know how we have to guide our offline actions, but also how to design more effective actions. This technology will help us assess the return on investment.

The Costa del Sol has had a busy schedule of appointments, half a hundred, to pursue agreements with the aim of continuing to strengthen our tourism segments.

The offensive of the Costa del Sol in Germany has been strong this year: and so the destination has welcomed visitors who came to the fairgrounds with a large banner. In them, they have contact with airlines, tour operators, travel agents, the Spanish tourism offices and have worked very intensively with the operators present at the fair to increase business volume to the Costa del Sol and keep our destination well positioned.

Those responsible for the Costa del Sol have also paid special attention to the challenge of connectivity to mitigate the possible consequences that may have the cessation of activity of some companies.

In 2019 Turismo Costa del Sol will make an unprecedented investment in the German market to stimulate demand. Above all, it will focus its promotion on the Premium segments, among which are Mice, Lujo and Elite. Thus, of the nearly half a million euros for the German market, almost 200,000 are destined to the aforementioned segments.

Among the main actions: attendance to fairs, press trips, online actions and presence in events, to conquer the German visitor who makes a high expenditure in destination.