Controversy in Australia over the landing in Sydney of a cruise ship with seven dead and 600 infected by coronavirus

The landing in the Australian city of Sydney of a cruise ship in which seven people had died and another 600 had been infected with coronavirus has raised controversy in the country, according to information from the newspaper ‘The Sydney Morning Herald’.

According to several emails leaked to the local press, the authorities of the state of New South Wales, in the east of the country, allowed passengers of the ‘Ruby Princess’ to disembark in the city despite the fact that they knew that the results of the tests Covid-19 were to be available in a matter of hours.

On the same day that the disembarkation was carried out, the doctor on board the ship had carried out the necessary procedures so that fifteen samples of sick passengers were submitted to analysis by Covid-19 that same day.

The cruise ship has now become Australia’s main focus of coronavirus infection, sparking a political debacle and raising controversy over the decision made and the attribution of responsibilities.

Local authorities and the federal government have crossed numerous reproaches in this regard, also with the company that operates the cruise, Carnival. The police in the region have announced the launch of an investigation into the disembarkation of the passengers.

New South Wales Chief Minister Gladys Berejiklian has accused the company of being untransparent about the health situation on board the vessel.

The pandemic has left around thirty people dead on Australian soil for the moment, while the number of cases now stands at 5,330.