Chile is named the best adventure destination in South America for the fifth consecutive year at the World Travel Awards

From the north end to the south end of the country, from sea to mountain range, Chile has a natural strength and diversity that makes it unique on the planet. Deserts, volcanoes, glaciers, lakes, mountains, ancient forests and ice fields that invite you to live experiences full of adrenaline and unforgettable.
These contrasts have been recognized, for the fifth consecutive year, in the World Travel Awards that have distinguished Chile as the Best Adventure Travel Destination in South America. This reputed event is popularly known as «The Oscars of Tourism», awards are given by popular vote, which gives this title an extraordinary value.
Chile, the land of contrasts, stands out for the endless activities and experiences it offers: climbing and mountaineering in every corner of the country, skiing on the best ski slopes in Latin America at the foot of the Andes, surfing both in the north as in the central area, cycling on extensive endless roads or climbing ice in the last corner of the world, are some of these attractions.
Another reason that has made Chile the Best Adventure Tourism Destination, are the 40 National Parks and more than 20 Forest Reserves that can be visited in the country. Explore them by trekking, cycling or camping in some of them. In these incredible corners you can practice sport fishing with fly, or enjoy a ride through its surroundings while photographing the native flora and fauna.
The southern forests stand out for their beauty and for being ideal places to fly like a bird, tourists can glide over 25 meters high enjoying a canopy ride. In fact, it is precisely in this area where the longest route in South America is located, the “El Cóndor” route in Pucón that has an area of ​​3,500 meters and six stations, which cross the Villarrica, Quetrupillán and Lanín volcanoes.
The dunes also take center stage in the field of adventure, the Atacama desert is not only to be admired, it is to be surfed, sandboard lovers will be able to glide through the sand dunes and reach dizzying speeds. And the adventurers who prefer to cross the sand with the sea breeze, will find in the dunes of Reñaca the ideal place to practice sandboarding and at the same time enjoy a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean.

The new trends of adventure tourism in Chile
Canyoning has been gaining strength for some years, an adventure sport that aims to descend narrow canyons and rivers of low flow and high slope, in which you must move through obstacles with different techniques only with the help of the body, ropes and climbing equipment.
The adventure begins with a walk to the entrance of the canyon that continues with descents through waterfalls and ravines with ropes occupying the Rappel technique, jumps from rocks of different heights to crystalline pools of pure water where the adventurer will have to swim and slide along natural slides formed by water erosion.
Another booming sport in Chilean waters is stand up paddle, a mix between surfing and yoga, which is done standing on a board that floats in the water using an oar as a support to move in any direction. You can surf waves or just cross the sea, lakes or canals.
Stand Up Paddle is a sport for the whole family and also very easy to learn. It offers fun from the start and a relaxed way to spend time in the water. This discipline can be practiced in incredible corners while enjoying unique views and crystal clear waters.
Also ideal for lovers of water sports, parasailing is the latest trend in Chile, this adventure combines a parachute and a boat, it is a perfect experience to contemplate the waters from the air in a safe way, which combines adrenaline with relaxation. Every day there are more fans of this activity in Chile and in almost every lake in the south of the country, where you will find monitors ready for this new way of adventure tourism.