Cathay Pacific launches its renewed vip lounge at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport

This remodeling is another step in its new brand philosophy «Move Beyond» whose main objective is to offer a superior experience to its passengers at every moment of their trip.
Cathay Pacific has reopened its newly renovated lounge at the Pudong airport in Shanghai yesterday, bringing its award-winning VIP room design to mainland China for the first time.

As part of its «Move Beyond» philosophy, Cathay Pacific wants to go «further» in the treatment of its customers by elevating the travel experience to a higher level in all aspects of it. Thus, its lounge in the great airport of Shanghai now becomes another ideal space for passengers to arrive early, rest and relax in the cozy atmosphere of comfort and wellbeing before embarking on their flight.

Located near exit gate D69 in the Terminal 2 building of Pudong Airport, the new hall occupies a 970 square meter space and follows the warm and welcoming style developed by Studioilse, the London-based studio run by Ilse Crawford, who has already designed the latest VIP rooms throughout the Cathay Pacific network.

«We are delighted to bring the distinctive design of our exclusive rooms to mainland China,» said Chief Customer and Commercial Officer Paul Loo, ensuring that our customers traveling through Pudong Airport have an even more enjoyable experience when flying with us. It is one of our most popular destinations for both business and leisure travelers, and one of the favorites among our most loyal customers.Our premium passengers can now expect a multitude of new and improved features in the room, especially when it comes to the gastronomy options with which you can enjoy during your stay at the airport. »

 An oasis

Passengers leave behind the hustle and bustle of the airport by the time they reach the reception area, where they are transported to an oasis of serenity designed to mimic the comforts of a modern apartment. The space, decorated with natural materials such as cherry wood and limestone, as well as the combination of different leather furniture and Alcantara upholstery designs, allows passengers to socialize in open spaces or spend their quiet time alone in the more private spaces.

The terrace

A key point of the lounge is the terrace, L-shaped and open roof, allowing guests to enjoy panoramic views of the airport and the track while sitting at one of the dining tables, with custom chairs, lamp built-in reading and individual side table.

The design of the terrace is similarly reflected in the dining room, an open space where passengers who wish to refresh before the flight can enjoy cold and hot international dishes, freshly baked sweets and cheeses or sausages that can be picked at the table. self-service The bar offers a wide variety of wines and liquors, which guests can combine to their liking before the flight.

Noodle Bar

The famed Noodle Bar, so characteristic of Cathay Pacific’s VIP rooms, is also making its debut in mainland China. Inspired by the traditional tea houses of Hong Kong, the Noodle Bar offers a combination of long communal tables and private cabins set in an elegant dining area with hanging lights and dark wood ceiling fans. Here visitors to the room can get a taste of Hong Kong by ordering the popular wonton egg noodles, freshly prepared on site – a Cantonese classic -, or tasting a spicy special from Sichuan province, dan dan noodles. Of course, guests can also enjoy some of the delights of Shanghai’s culinary culture, such as the delicious dumplings or the popular dim sum.

Meanwhile, high-speed Wi-Fi and flight information constantly projected on the screens ensure that passengers can relax, refresh and recharge batteries without worries before flying.

The Shanghai Pudong Cathay Pacific Lounge is available to First Class and Business Class passengers, the Silver members of the Marco Polo Club and above, and also to the Emerald and Sapphire members of the oneworld alliance as well as all passengers of any level who have of a valid pass to the VIP room. The opening hours are from 05:30 to 21:00 every day.