Cathay Pacific discovers the most unexplored Asian paradises

The Asian continent is full of archipelagos, islands like Phuket or Phi Phi in Thailand are world famous. However, Asia still hides little paradisiacal secrets

With the arrival of the summer season and more specifically the holiday period, Cathay Pacific offers a wide variety of flights and connections to the Asian continent with a daily flight from Madrid and four weekly flights to Hong Kong – from where you can connect with more than 180 destinations in China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand-. Asia, one of the great discoveries of recent times in terms of tourism is traditionally referred to and recognized by the splendor of cities such as Beijing, Tokyo, Shanghai or Hong Kong, currently experiencing a boom in beach tourism, with paradisiacal landscapes idyllic to enjoy the summer holidays.
The popular film from La Playa contributed to the popularity increase of the paradisiacal Asian islands, such as Phi Phi, which have become world-famous enclaves and visited by all sand lovers with crystal clear waters. However, there are still many desert islands to discover to enjoy and forget about everything. A good example is Koh Rong Samloem in Cambodia, the little sister of the island Koh Rong, a tropical paradise with deserted beaches, a few simple hotels and a lot of tranquility, where the main activities are to tour the island, watch the sunset, discover the plankton nightly or snorkel.

In a neighboring country, Indonesia, there are the Karimunjawa Islands, an unknown treasure in the form of a National Park that not many tourists have enjoyed yet. These virgin islands, with a multitude of colors in blue tones in their waters, offer a unique contrast. Another clear example is the island Koh Kood located in the popular Thailand, a virgin island, paradisiacal and very little tourist. Considered by some as the best island in the country, it is completely different from the others: no signs of buildings or hotels, only virgin nature. Finally, Palau Redang, a paradise island almost unknown in Malaysia. With white sand, palm trees and crystal clear water it forms part of a marine park and offers activities such as snorkeling or diving.
The airline Cathay Pacific, under its «Move Beyond» philosophy that bets to go a step further, highlights these three destinations as a representation of less known places and that, however, offer a unique experience, all with the aim that the passenger enjoys quietly the holidays and live a complete experience from the moment of purchase of the plane ticket until the end.