Cathay Pacific completes the acquisition of Hong Kong Express Airways

Cathay Pacific announces that it has completed the acquisition of Hong Kong Express Airways (HK Express). HK Express is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Cathay Pacific. The Executive Director of Cathay Pacific and Chairman of HK Express, Rupert Hogg, said: «We are very excited to welcome HK Express to the group. We firmly believe that the acquisition is good for both the traveling public and HK Express and the Group Cathay Pacific, as well as positive for the development of Hong Kong as a global aviation center. ”
Thus, Hogg explained that the acquisition of HK Express is an attractive and practical way for the Cathay Pacific Group to develop and grow its long-term aviation business, while improving the competitiveness of its hub in Hong Kong as a center of operations. . In addition, he added that “our respective services and business models are widely complementary. HK Express attracts a single market segment and together, with Cathay Pacific’s vast network, we can multiply connection opportunities across Hong Kong. This will bring tremendous benefits to the traveling public with more options and greater convenience for your travel experience. ”Irrigated by the Gaceta del Turismo magazine.