The tourism sector prepares for the new EU directive on payment services

It will allow hotels to streamline processes, increase their productivity and security The entry into force of the second European Union directive on payment services (PSD2) will mean that the tourism sector has to incorporate new technological solutions to adapt to this new directive, according to PaynoPain, a Spanish technology company specialized in the development […]

The American hotel association ensures that fraudulent reservation websites are more than 5,300 million annually

The American Association of Hotels and Accommodations (AHLA) has conducted an investigation that ensures that American travelers are scammed worth 6,000 million dollars (5,385 million euros) annually due to certain tactics that occur in travel reservations on websites fraudulent or misleading that confuse consumers. Almost one in four customers faces some kind of problem when […]

Former CEO of Thomas Cook: British government support would have been vital

The former manager apologizes and defends his benefits because he worked «very hard» The former CEO of Thomas Cook, Peter Frankhauser, explained on Tuesday that the help of the British Government would have secured the tour operator’s restructuring plan and would have done more for the business than simply preventing the collapse. During the commission […]

United Kingdom detects fraudulent websites for claims to Thomas Cook

The British Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has issued a statement in which it warns those affected by the closure of Thomas Cook of the existence of fraudulent websites in which the claims for guaranteed reimbursements that they seek to capture are supposed to be submitted. User and business data. The authority says they have taken […]