Mexico launches the construction of the ‘Mayan Train’ in the southeast of the country

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has given the starting signal last Sunday to the construction of the railway infrastructure of the ‘Mayan Train’, which will extend over 1,500 kilometers in the southeast of the country. The leader has announced the start of work after participating in a ceremony with the Original Peoples, […]

The Europcar group invests in the ‘scooter sharing’ with the acquisition of Scooty

The vehicle rental group Europcar has acquired the company Poleis Consulting, owner of the scoot sharing firm Scooty, which, after being created in 2016, offers 176 shared electric scooters in Brussels and Antwerp. As explained by the company in a statement, this operation was carried out through its subsidiary Ubeeqo and is “a further step” […]

A Japanese railway company apologizes because a train left 20 seconds before its time

A Japanese railway company has apologized to its customers because one of its trains left on November 14, 20 seconds before the scheduled time of Minami Nagareyama station, according to ‘BBC’ The company that manages the Tsukuba Express line connects Akihabara in Tokyo and the city of Tsukuba apologized to customers for the “serious inconveniences” […]