12 people are detained at Ibiza Airport for traveling with false documents

The National Police has arrested at the Ibiza Airport seven citizens of Albanian nationality who used Italian and Greek identity documents. In addition, he has arrested three Iranian citizens with Hungarian documents and two Chinese citizens with Japanese documentation. All the documents were false or had been falsified. The aim of the detainees was to […]

The airports of Gran Canaria and Palma de Mallorca among those that increased their air traffic in Europe the most in March

The airports of Gran Canaria and Palma de Mallorca are among the European aerodromes that increased their daily air traffic the last March, in a month in which the 50 main European airports registered an average daily traffic that touched the 14,000 flights, a 58.5% more than in the same period of the previous year, […]

The Barcelona Airport becomes the seventh European passenger

Barcelona Airport became the seventh European by passenger volume in 2017, when it reached a record high of 47,284,500, growing more than its direct competitors for this position and which are London-Gatwick, Munich and Rome-Fiumicino. This is the result of the new report of the Barcelona Air Traffic Observatory prepared by the Chamber of Commerce […]