Norwegian requests extensions for two bond issues valued at 346 million

Norwegian Air Shuttle (NAS) has requested extensions of two of its bond issues (NAS07 and NAS08) before the Oslo Stock Exchange, valued at 380 million dollars (346 million euros) until November 2021 and February 2022 , respectively, so it will offer holders of these unsecured issues a guarantee package backed by its portfolio of ‘slots’ […]

Air China does not plan to buy the Hong Kong airline Cathay Pacific

The airline Air China Ltd does not plan to buy the Hong Kong company Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd, as confirmed by a director of the Chinese state airline to the newspaper ‘South China Morning Post’. “Based on what I know, I don’t think that is anywhere on the agenda,” Air China director Stanley Hui told […]

Ryanair Spanish pilots massively support going on strike

Ryanair pilots have massively supported the adoption of legal measures, including the strike, as a measure of protest over the announced closure of the bases of Tenerife South, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and, possibly, Gerona, some closures that “will mean dismissal of more than 100 pilots throughout Spain, “according to the Sepla union. More […]

Ryanair starts an ERE for 512 employees after confirming the closure of the bases of Las Palmas, Tenerife, Girona and Lanzarote

Ryanair has initiated a process of collective dismissal that could affect about 512 cabin crew and pilots after confirming the closure of the bases of Las Palmas and Tenerife South, which also add Lanzarote and Girona, for next January 8 , as reported by USO in a statement. Specifically, the workforce adjustment would affect 512 […]

British Airways pilots call a strike for next September 9, 10 and 27

British Airways (BA) pilots have called a strike for the next 9, 10 and 27 September, according to the British Airlines Pilots Association (Balpa) in a statement. Specifically, the organization has indicated that, after several days of negotiations with the British conciliation service ACAS, British Airways (BA) did not accept any of the packages that […]

Qantas earns almost 544 million in its last fiscal year, 17% less

Qantas obtained a net profit of 891 million Australian dollars (543.8 million euros) in its last fiscal year, which ended last June 30, which is 17% less compared to the previous one, in a marked year due to high fuel costs and the adverse effect of currency exchange. The company details additional costs of 614 […]

Almost 30% more airplanes for winter from the United Kingdom to the Balearic Islands despite the ‘Brexit’

Airlines that operate routes between the United Kingdom and the three Balearic airports will offer 29% more seats in their air connections over the next six months, according to the Balearic Tourism Strategies Agency (Aetib). This has been reported by the Ministry of Economic, Tourism and Labor in a note detailing that the companies that […]

Air New Zealand earns 31% less in its last year due to rising oil

Air New Zealand achieved a net profit of 270 million New Zealand dollars (155.6 million euros) in its last year, ended last June 30, representing a 31% decrease compared to the previous one, according to the accounts published this Thursday by the airline. The annual turnover derived from its operations reached 5,800 million New Zealand […]