Turkish Airlines will expand its fleet to 500 aircraft by 2023

It expects to reach 120 million passengers on that date The airline Turkish Airlines plans to have more than 500 aircraft in 2023, which would mean about two hundred aircraft more than the 324 with which it has today and an increase of more than 50% compared to the current figures. This was announced by […]

Ryanair dismisses 4 cabin crew for refusing to fly after exceeding the maximum number of hours and notifies the entire staff

Ryanair has dismissed four cabin crew (TCP) residents in Mallorca who refused to fly having exceeded the maximum hours allowed by law and has warned the rest of the staff that any refusal in this regard “will be addressed with procedures disciplinary actions that may lead to dismissal. ” This warning comes days before the […]

JetBlue Airways transports 3.7 million passengers in June, up 6.6%

JetBlue Airways increased its passengers by 6.6% in the month of June, to 3.7 million, after increasing supply by 5.9% and demand by 7.8%, the US company said in a statement. The load factor stood at 87%, 1.5 percentage points more than in the same month of 2017, while the number of departures increased by […]