A Taiwanese tourist pays 25 euros for an ice cream in Florence

The restaurant ensures that the ice cream was of “high quality” A tourist from Taiwan paid 25 euros for an ice cream in the city of Florence, as reported by local media that say that the owners of the premises were excused at this exorbitant price in the “high quality” of the product. The restaurant […]

UK airports will have military-type equipment against drones

The Government of the United Kingdom has announced on Thursday that it is working to deploy military-type equipment against drones in all airports of the country, after the recent incidents with these devices at the London airfields of Gatwick and Heathrow. Defense Minister Gavin Williamson has stressed that “it would not be appropriate” to ask […]

The European Union agrees to prohibit dishes, cutlery, sticks and plastic straws in 2021 to reduce the impact on beaches

The negotiators of the European Union institutions have achieved this morning a political agreement to ban from 2021 the most popular disposable plastic items, such as plates, cutlery, cotton swabs and polystyrene containers for food, with the In order to reduce their impact on the environment and help their waste disappear from European beaches. The […]

Andorra surpasses for the first time the three million annual tourists

Andorra has exceeded for the first time the threshold of three million tourists per year and has practically reached nine million overnight stays, in the period between December 2017 and November 2018. These are the best figures since the Department of Statistics began collecting data in 2007, said Tourism Minister Francesc Camp at a press […]

The British Government declares itself ready to fight the ‘drones’ after the chaos of Gatwick

The Secretary of State for Security of the United Kingdom, Ben Wallace, announced that the British Government is already trained and prepared to “detect”, in all its territory, and “combat the threat of drones”, which collapsed and caused flight suspensions last week at London’s Gatwick airport. “Now that Gatwick is starting to get back to […]