Spain could lose up to 6 million international tourists to the coronavirus

The coronavirus crisis could cause losses of between 2.7 and 6 million international tourists if the disease is not tackled before Easter or summer, respectively, which would result in the disappearance of «tens of billions of euros «, according to Pablo Díaz, professor of Economics and Business Studies at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC). […]

The Spanish tourism sector will lose 33,668 million activity if the coronavirus crisis lasts 4 months

Exceltur calls for a second «exceptional» package of measures to be activated with «utmost urgency» The Spanish tourism sector will lose up to 33,668 million of direct and indirect activity during the current year in the event that current fall rates are maintained and the coronavirus crisis continues for four months, according to estimates by […]

Madrid will host in autumn the plenary session of members affiliated with the World Tourism Organization

The city of Madrid will host the 42nd plenary session of members affiliated with the World Tourism Organization in autumn, the United Nations specialized agency for tourism promotion. As reported by the City of Madrid in a statement, it is a two-day meeting that will bring together 300 participants «high-ranking companies and institutions from several […]

Five regions of France and Spain come together to improve cross-border tourism competitiveness

Five regions in France and Spain have come together to improve the competitiveness of the tourism and agri-food sectors of the cross-border space. The project has been called GATURI, Gastronomy and Agrifood for a Unique International Tourist destination. The creation of the ‘Unique Destination’ will be a showcase to the world of the five territories […]