Airbnb will analyze the withdrawal of more floors in Barcelona where it has been collaborating with the City Council for a year

Airbnb has said on Wednesday that it will analyze the Barcelona City Council’s request to withdraw 2,577 illegal tourist flats “following due process” and eliminating them if appropriate, and highlighted that platform and consistory have been working for more than a year to eliminate bad actors . “The last request of the City Council is […]

The Plaza de España (Seville), the second most spectacular place in the world for TripAdvisor travelers

Die Plaza de España in Sevilla steht an zweiter Stelle der Liste der TripAdvisor-Reisenden, die die spektakulärsten Touristenattraktionen der Welt in einer Ausgabe ausgewählt haben, in der 759 Orte von Interesse in 68 gewürdigt wurden Länder und 8 Regionen. Als Gewinner und Wiederholung des Posts der Ausgabe 2017 wurde der Tempel von Angkor Wat in […]

The Canary Islands prohibit holiday rentals in tourist areas although councils and municipalities may set exceptions

The owners with more than three houses will be considered as professional activity The Government of the Canary Islands has presented on Monday the draft of the new decree that regulates the vacation rental in the archipelago that prevents its development in residential land in tourist areas, although it admits the possibility that councils and […]