Canarian airports close 2018 with more than 45.28 million passengers, its best historical data

The Canarian airports have closed the year 2018 with more than 45.28 million passengers, which has implied a growth of 2.8 percent compared to 2017, making it the best year in its history to exceed 44 million visitors of the year 2017, according to the data published this Monday by Aena.

In this way, the airports of Gran Canaria, Tenerife Sur and Lanzarote are ranked sixth, seventh and tenth, respectively, in terms of annual passenger volume of the airports of the Aena network in Spain.

In this sense, of the total number of commercial passengers that is fixed at 44.88 million people, 17.02 million passengers correspond to domestic traffic, where it experienced an increase of 15.5 percent over the previous year, while 27.86 million people came from international traffic, which in this case registered a fall of 3.3 percent.

By airports, the number of registered travelers in Gran Canaria in 2018 was 13,573,242 (+ 3.7%), followed by Tenerife Sur with 11,042,481 (-1.8%); Lanzarote with 7,327,019 (-0.8%); Fuerteventura with 6,118,893 (+ 1.2%); Tenerife North with 5,493,994 (+ 16.7%); La Palma with 1,420,277 (+ 9%); El Hierro with 247,203 (+ 24%) and La Gomera with 61,944 passengers, also registering the highest percentage increase, 27.2 percent.


On the other hand, the number of operations accounted for was 416,457, growing 9.3 percent with respect to the previous year, and 37,432 tons of merchandise were transported.

Thus, the Gran Canaria airport and the Tenerife North airport rank fifth and seventh, respectively, among the Aena airports in Spain with the highest cargo volume.


However, passenger traffic dropped at Canarian airports in December 2018, when it registered a total of 3,899,627 passengers, which represented a drop of 0.2 percent compared to the last month of 2017.

Thus, of the total number of commercial travelers set at 3,870,101 people, 1,410,939 were domestic flights, where there was an increase of 6.9 percent, while international 2,459,162 implied a decrease of 3, 1 percent

In relation to this, the airports that served a greater number of travelers during December were Gran Canaria with 1,240,138 (-1.1%); Tenerife South with 1,009,444 (+ 1.3%) and Lanzarote, with 580,395 (-3.5%) followed by Fuerteventura with 470,103 passengers (-4.4%); Tenerife North with 451,045 (+ 6.8%); La Palma with 123,599 (+ 3.7%); El Hierro with 20,372 (+ 2.9%) and La Gomera with 4,531 (+ 12.4%).

Lastly, the number of operations carried out at Canarian airports amounted to 37,231, 2.8 percent more than in the same period of the previous year and more than 3,230 tons of goods were transported.