Buenos Aires launches an ‘online’ vote to find the best grill in the city

The program ‘Buenos Aires Gastronomic Capital’ will launch an ‘online’ vote, between August 30 and September 10, so that the inhabitants and visitors of the city choose the best grill in the city among the catering establishments where roast meats and other products on the grill or stake.

The action, promoted by the office responsible for the promotion of Buenos Aires, seeks to turn these days into days of celebration of the barbecue, one of the most typical customs of the Argentine capital.

For this, the grills enrolled in the contest will choose between offering a 10% discount to their customers during those 12 days or 20% on September 4 and 5.

These days serve as a preamble to the Federal Asado Championship, which will take place on Saturday, September 22, and which is considered one of the «most important gastronomic celebrations in the Argentine landscape.»

Shows, typical dances and live music will take place in that competition, which is a festive day for the public while paying homage to the most typical ritual of Argentine families.

In the championship participate the provinces that are part of Argentina and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, which will be represented by pairs of rotisseries. The competition consists of roasting all the classics of the Buenos Aires grill using their own work tools and choosing coal or firewood.