Brussels takes Airbnb’s changes for good to meet transparency requirements

The European Commission announced on Thursday that it takes for granted the changes introduced by the online private apartment rental platform Airbnb to comply with the rules on consumer protection and ensure that the offers it publishes show the final price from the first stage of the reservation process.

Brussels called the platform a year ago for considering that it did not meet the transparency requirements when presenting the prices of its offers, nor the rules on data protection, and warned of possible sanctions if it did not take corrective measures .

«Now consumers can trust that the price they will see on the first page will be the one they will pay at the end,» said Justice and Consumer Commissioner Vera Jourova.


In September of last year, Airbnb reached an agreement with the Community Executive to improve the conditions of its platform and now the community services have evaluated the result, which they take for granted.

The Commission notes that «mandatory rates will no longer appear by surprise» in purchase steps following the conditions that appear on the first page of results with offers, at which time users will see the final price, including all expenses and mandatory fees applicable, such as local taxes or cleaning costs.

The platform has also made changes so that it is clearly distinguished if the one offering the accommodation is a private individual or a professional and presents on its website an «easy access» link to the online dispute resolution platform and all the necessary information to The resolution of disputes.

In addition, Airbnb now indicates «clearly» that users can file a lawsuit against the company before the courts of their country of residence, which respects the right of users to file a lawsuit against the host in case of personal injury or other damages and undertakes not to unilaterally modify the conditions without clearly informing users in advance and without giving them the possibility to terminate the contract.