Brussels says cruises are responsible for repatriating passengers and crew

The European Commission has warned that the responsibility to repatriate cruise passengers and crew who may be blocked on their route due to restrictions due to the coronavirus falls generally on the cruise operators themselves, even when they are outside the Union. European.

This has been clarified by the Community Executive in a guide with guidelines on how to act during the exceptional circumstances imposed by confinement and in which it also asks member states to collaborate to assist operators in identifying suitable ports for disembarkation that allow the repatriation of your clients or the replacement of the crew.

In the event that there are people on board infected with the coronavirus, says Brussels, ships should be directed to a nearby port where hospitals have sufficient capacity to care for the sick.

«I ask member states to designate ports where to make rapid crew changes and I remind cruise operators that they have a responsibility to bring all their customers and employees to their homes safely,» said Transport Commissioner , Adina Valean.

«Seafarers keep essential channels open for our economy and our supply chains, as 75 percent of the EU’s global trade and 30 percent of all goods transported within the EU move by sea Valean added in the statement.