Brussels approves the plan of Italy to allocate 25 million to the restructuring of the Ancona airport

The European Commission has authorized the plan drawn up by the Italian authorities to provide 25 million euros in public aid for the restructuring of the regional airport of Ancona (central Italy), after concluding that it is “in line” with the European standards on State aid.

The Ancona airport, operated by Aerdorica, had to be rescued in 2017, employs 100 people and provides services to passengers, airlines, merchandise companies and all operators of airport buildings. He is currently immersed in insolvency proceedings before national courts.

As stipulated in the EU rules, companies in financial difficulties can only receive public aid in order to guarantee their long-term viability and under “clear” conditions. In particular, firms must work on a “solid” restructuring plan that includes measures to limit the distortions in competition that can be created by public funds contributed to the process.

The restructuring plan drawn up by the Italian authorities foresees that the costs will be covered in part by the 25 million that will come from the Italian region of Marks. These will be joined by other contributions from the company itself and from private actors, including the 15 million that will be contributed by Njord Adreanna, a new investor who will take control of the company.

For Brussels, the entry of a private investor in the capital of Aerdorica “shows the confidence of the market in the future of the company” thanks to the restructuring plan. In addition, the Community Executive stressed that Aerdorica “will implement several compensatory measures,” including the outsourcing of handling operations.