Brussels Airlines cancels all flights next Wednesday by the general strike in Belgium

The airline Brussels Airlines has announced that it will cancel the 222 scheduled flights for next Wednesday, February 13, because of the general strike that unions have called in Belgium, according to the company in a statement, which estimates that its decision It will affect some 16,000 passengers.

The airline, which had initially canceled only part of the scheduled flights, has considered it «very likely» that operations at the Brussels airport will be «severely affected» by the strike. Consequently, it has decided to cancel the entire flight program.

Brussels Airlines, a company of the German group Lufthansa, has offered customers the possibility of «adapting their travel plans» with the aim of minimizing «as much as possible» the «level of inconvenience» generated by the general strike. Affected travelers may also request reimbursement of the ticket price.

The cancellations, however, do not affect flights originating from cities in Africa or North America and whose arrival in Brussels is scheduled for Thursday, February 14.

For its part, the Brussels Airport has reported in another statement that it expects operations next Wednesday will be «severely affected» by the strike, which will involve cancellations, «strong» delays and flights diverted to other airports. For this reason, he has recommended all travelers with a ticket for February 13 to change the day of their reservation.