British Airways joins the fight against Covid-19 with a team of volunteers

British Airways wants to join the fight against Covid-19 by offering a team that makes all its skills and experiences available to the UK community to help fight the coronavirus pandemic.

The current reduction in the number of airline flights allows the company to have thousands of cabin and flight crew members with time on their hands and willing to volunteer. Thus, those with first aid training will offer to act for a wide variety of organizations that currently need it, as well as logistics specialists.

The airline has started conversations with various organizations to study how to deploy its volunteers in the most useful way in the UK. This could involve working in the hospitals that are being established in London, Manchester and Birmingham.

British Airways is also offering volunteers who have first aid training and clinical skills with St. John Ambulance to support their emergency units.

Similarly, highly-qualified crew members have applied to volunteer with the London Ambulance Service or the telephone service with a screening of calls to speak to the qualified medical professional.

The airline currently maintains a partnership with the British Red Cross, which is currently mobilizing volunteers across the UK to support the coronavirus response by helping local food banks and supporting hospitals.


Volunteers across the airline will also be encouraged to reach out to older and more vulnerable people by offering help, whether it’s picking up their medicines, helping them with food, or fighting loneliness with a daily phone call to chat.

The airline also has ongoing relationships with a number of food bank providers, where volunteers can sort and package food donations, collect supplies from supermarkets, and deliver food to those most in need.

British Airways is also donating its wash bags, socks and blankets on board. In addition, the crew of British Airways and other airlines have established the Wingman Project at Whittington Hospital in North London, where workers from the British National Health Service are received in a first-class mini-room to have a drink and talk during or after your turn.

The airline has been collaborating with the Commonwealth and Foreign Office to bring people home before the borders are closed, and the IAG Cargo company has been working 24 hours to ship essential goods, including food and medicines to all needy communities.