Breakfast, the last gastro «boom» that also triumphs on board

Cathay Pacific offers a full breakfast to start the day well before landing at the destination

Breakfast is fashionable. In recent years, the first meal of the day has taken center stage, in addition, its countless advantages for health and mood, tested by doctors, endorse it. So much so that breakfast has become something that goes beyond the routine toast with coffee and is now a paradise in the foodie universe.
Today, the popularity of the most important meal of the day has extended to reach 10,000 meters in height and, now, airlines offer diverse, varied and complete breakfasts that have little to envy to those on firm ground. An example is the company Cathay Pacific, the premium airline of Hong Kong, advocates offering a gastronomic experience on board based on the time of breakfast. The airline collaborates with prestigious chefs to offer quality menus in order to satisfy the most demanding palates and, in addition, periodically updates them to offer a wide variety of choices.
For starters, breakfast consists of a variety of fresh coffees and teas, as well as yogurt and fresh fruit available in all cabins. Business class passengers can also enjoy smoothies and freshly squeezed juices, orange juice or various tropical fruits. Then, the main dishes are very diverse and include from the favorite local recipes, such as noodles with fried egg and vegetables or shrimp dumplings, to more international dishes, such as an English-style breakfast with scrambled eggs, pork sausage, mushrooms, tomato , etc. In addition, carbohydrates are especially important in a full breakfast and, therefore, all are accompanied by an assortment of breads with jam and butter.
As the new motto «Move Beyond» of the airline, recently presented, says, Cathay Pacific wants to go further for its clients in order to achieve a perfect experience. The company seeks to apply this philosophy to all its services and breakfast was not going to be less. The company is committed to a menu that gathers dairy, carbohydrates, fats, fruits and proteins, which provide the traveler with the energy necessary to face the day, as this feast is served shortly before landing in the destination city.