Brazil will inject 855 million into the tourism sector due to the coronavirus crisis

The Brazilian Tourism Minister, Marcelo Álvaro Antõnio, has stated that the country will guarantee at least 5 billion Brazilian reals (855 million euros) in emergency loans for companies in the tourism sector.

The objective is that this item consists of reinforcing the cash of the country’s general tourism fund (Fungetur) with the opening of new lines of loans. «I know that the businessmen of the tourism sector are going to the banks and are not getting loans,» Álvaro Antõnio said.

«It is a model that will guarantee Fungetur an extraordinary loan of at least 5,000 million reais, so that the Ministry of Tourism, through Fungetur, can serve from the individual micro-entrepreneur, the micro, the small company, the medium-sized company and also to large companies, «said the minister.

Likewise, the Minister of Tourism confirmed a measure to guarantee the availability of beds in hotels near hospitals to house health personnel in the context of the current health emergency.

Brazil has 45,757 positive cases of coronavirus and 2,906 fatalities, being the country in Latin America most affected by the spread of the viral outbreak.

The country’s health minister, Nelson Teich, announced on Wednesday that the government is preparing a new plan to relax the social distancing measures decreed to slow the advance of Covid-19.

«It is impossible for a country to survive for a year or a year and a half. Isolation is an absolutely natural and logical measure, but it cannot not be accompanied by an exit program. We are going to work on that,» he said.