Booking offers its customers to stay in a chocolate hut in France

Travelers who want to can stay in a chocolate cabin for 50 euros a night, thanks to an initiative launched by the travel company Booking that will allow one night surrounded by chocolate to four lucky guests.

Jean-Luc Decluzeau, the famous chocolatier craftsman specializing in chocolate sculptures, will design and build this 18 square meter cottage with 1.5 tons of chocolate in Sèvres (France).

The traveler can also enjoy a pond of white chocolate ducks and a flower bed also of sweet cocoa during their stay. The good news for chocolate addicts is that some items are edible.

After registering, guests can explore their gourmet accommodation before participating in a workshop dedicated to the creation of personalized mini-chocolates directed by Jean-Luc himself. They can also enjoy a dinner and breakfast, served in the flower garden of the cabin.

Reservations are very limited, so on September 19 and 26, at 10:00 am, the nights of October 5 and 6, respectively, may be booked.