Bombardier temporarily halts production of planes and trains in Quebec and Ontario due to coronavirus

Canadian manufacturer Bombardier has announced on Tuesday the suspension of all non-essential work in most of its Canadian-based operations until April 26, including the production of airplanes and railroads at its factories in Quebec and Ontario, Canada.

In addition, the company has suspended its 2020 financial perspectives while evaluating the impact of the temporary closure of its operations in Canada, as well as other measures being taken in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

«Since the virus outbreak, the company has focused on keeping our employees safe, serving our customers to the best of their ability during these difficult times, and taking the necessary steps to protect our business in the long term,» explained the President. from the Bombardier Board of Directors, Pierre Beaudoin.

Other measures the company has taken against the coronavirus are cutting all discretionary spending and closing previously announced transactions, as well as taking additional steps to improve liquidity.