Boeing suspends deliveries of its model 737 MAX

Boeing has announced on Thursday that it suspends the pending deliveries of its model 737 MAX after the decision of the United States to remove these devices from the airspace and waiting to know the causes of the accidents registered in Ethiopia and Indonesia.

A spokesman for the American manufacturer has specified that no change has been made in the rate of production of the model 737 MAX and will continue with the average of 52 aircraft per month, although it has indicated that the company continues “working through production decisions” , according to ‘The Wall Street Journal’.

“We continue to build 737 MAX aircraft while assessing how the situation, including potential capacity limitations, will affect our production system,” Boeing spokesperson Chaz Bickers told Reuters.

The Boeing 737 MAX model, which is produced at the Boeing assembly plant in Renton, Washington, has been implicated in two recent plane crashes, the one recorded last Sunday in Ethiopia, which resulted in 157 deaths, and the produced in Indonesia last October, which resulted in 189 deaths.

The Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) of the United States stressed the relationship that the accident of the plane operated by Ethiopian Airlines may have with that of Lion Air that crashed in the Java Sea.