Boeing is finalizing the update of the MCAS stabilization system related to the accidents of the 737 MAX

Boeing is finalizing the upgrade of the MCAS stabilization system – Maneuver Characteristics Increase System – allegedly related to the plane crashes of its 737 MAX 8 model registered in Ethiopia and Indonesia.

“Boeing is finalizing the development of an already announced update of the program and the revision of the pilot training manual to respond to the errors of the MCAS captors,” Boeing president Dennis Muilenburg said in a statement.

The company issued this statement after the analysis of the black boxes of the Ethiopian Airlines plane that crashed on Sunday with 157 people on board in Ethiopia has confirmed “clear similarities” with the accident of a device of the same Lion Air model. happened in Indonesia in October.

The American manufacturer already announced a few days ago that it was working on a software update for its system with the aim of preventing the aircraft from stalling and improving a series of key points in the cabin in which to date it has been its best-selling model and He anticipated that he would have it ready within a maximum period of 10 days.

The president of Boeing has stressed that the Chicago-based company continues to support the investigation and is working with authorities to evaluate new information on these accidents as it becomes available.

French experts from France’s Office of Research and Analysis for Civil Aviation Safety (BEA) on Sunday handed over data from the plane’s flight data recorder (FDR) to Ethiopian investigators on Sunday. injured in Ethiopia.

In addition, Muilenburg has indicated that the American manufacturer continues to provide technical assistance upon request and under the direction of the United States National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

In any case, he recalled that “all inquiries about the investigation of accidents in progress must be addressed to the investigating authorities”, as established in the international protocol.

“Safety is our top priority as we design, build and support our aircraft.” As part of our standard practice after any accident, we examine the design and operation of our aircraft and, when appropriate, institute product updates to further improve security, “stressed the president of Boeing, who recalled that the company has adopted these measures while researchers continue to work to establish” definitive conclusions. ”

The planes injured in Ethiopia and Indonesia were Boeing 737 MAX 8 and rushed to the ground minutes after takeoff, after reporting flight control problems. This situation has led the aeronautical authorities around the world to immobilize the model.