Boeing admits that the company made a mistake and regrets the loss of customer confidence

Boeing Chief Executive Dennis Muilenburg has admitted on Sunday that the company made a mistake in implementing a faulty warning system in the cockpit of its 737 MAX model and regretted that this supposes the loss of confidence on the part of customers in the company.

Muilenburg has acknowledged that Boeing did not communicate “clearly” with regulators and customers, but has defended the engineering and design strategy of flight control software that is at the center of the investigations due to accidents.

Likewise, it has ensured that the failures registered have been reviewed by regulators at a global level. The manager, who has been questioned by the design of the MAX and the management of the crisis under Boeing, has revealed that the company is “seeing that there is more and more convergence among regulators” on when the plane should return to operate .

Muilenburg expects the MAX to fly again this year and has highlighted that 90 percent of customers have participated in the simulator sessions with their updated MCAS (Maneuver Characteristics Increase System) software, at times when the company prepares a certification flight with the regulators.

When asked about the errors when detecting the failures of the MCAS software, Muilenburg pointed out that “improvements can indeed be made”. “We understand that, we will make those improvements”, he guaranteed.

Muilenburg’s comments, which they had on the eve of the Paris Air Show, emphasize Boeing’s efforts to show a different tone from the one expressed in the days after the Lion Air plane crash in October, when he raised doubts about the pilot capacity and maintenance of the aircraft in question.