Best Western Hotels presents its new brand image

Best Western Hotel has presented the new strategy of the company with more brands with which the hotel chain seeks to open to a wider segment of customers.

The hotel chain offers today a catalog of 16 brands, adapted to the needs of each client.

BWH continues in this way along the path of integration and creation of new brands, a strategy that seeks to adapt to today’s traveler, both business and leisure. A challenge that has allowed it to integrate into various markets globally, and especially, to position itself in a higher segment.

The company starts the season with the luxury segment as one of its key horizons.

World Hotels has recently added three new brands to the BWH umbrella: on the one hand, WorldHotels Luxury (the highest-end show), characterized by its connection with the environment as one of its ‘star credentials’. On the other WorldHotels Elite, which stands out for its exclusive facilities and amenities. Finally, WorldHotels Distinctive, based on the concept of exclusivity by which Best Western continues its journey.