Best European cities for a low-cost getaway

Madrid is positioned in the top 5

Omio has defined the 38 most economical European cities to travel.
Madrid occupies the first position at European level as the city with the most “Free Tours”.
Barcelona offers a total of 771 events, three times more than the Spanish capital.
London is the best European destination for those traveling on a low budget.
Omio, the leading platform in Europe for travel reservations by train, bus and plane, has published the classification of the most economical European cities to travel.

The 38 European cities included in the study are those that had the highest number of tourist arrivals in 2016 and 2017 [1]. The cities were classified according to: the total number of free activities, free tours, events, Wi-Fi access, accommodation and drinking water. The results reveal that the most expensive cities to live are the ones that are best positioned in the ranking.

Accommodation tends to be the biggest expense on a trip, although hostels offer an affordable alternative. The surfing couch provides tourists with free accommodation and the opportunity to live in a city like a local. In the 38 cities included in the study, almost two million hosts offer their home for free.

European capitals are usually the ones with the greatest cultural offer. Amsterdam, for example, has more than 1,000 free activities, tours and events. And Berlin has more than 540 free cultural activities. That is why, the following table will help travelers to find the most popular destination to find the most economical destination.

The full results of the study can be found here, along with a list of free events for September.

Featured Data:

Barcelona is the artistic and cosmopolitan capital of Spain, offering a total of 117 activities, while Madrid only 85.
As for free accommodation in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​more than 160,000 local people offer free rooms for tourists.

Istanbul, Antalya, Edirne, Artvin, Rhodes, Athens, Heraklion, Moscow and St. Petersburg are cities where it is recommended to drink bottled water.

Berlin is the city that offers the most free activities.

London is in first position, offering up to twice as many WI-FI access points as Paris.