Bedsonline renews its corporate image and adds to its platform the portfolios of GTA and Tourico Holidays

Bedsonline, the provider for travel agencies of the Hotelbeds group, has announced the renewal of its corporate image and its platform, which will now have “a new and improved offer” that includes the GTA and Tourico Holidays portfolios.

The company said in a statement that the objective of this renewal is “to consolidate as the world’s leading platform for travel agencies,” and explained that it is part of the integration of the two agencies recently purchased by Hotelbeds.

The new Bedsonline platform will now offer its clients a portfolio of more than 170,000 hotels available worldwide (90,000 of them directly hired), 24,000 transfer routes and 18,000 activities, in addition to 140,000 rental vehicles, all managed thanks to a team of more than 1,000 people.

In addition, the platform has explained that they have improved their technology, with a new search engine that will allow users to filter and compare results in a “flexible and practical” manner. In fact, they have pointed out that Hotelbeds is the only distributor that operates its own open source data center based on the cloud, with 1,500 million searches per day.

Bedsonline has also highlighted its local sales teams in each market, which have “a deep knowledge both locally and in the industry, and have the goal of meeting all the needs of their customers.”


The new offer will be accompanied by a global update of the brand, which will include a new logo and corporate identity. The company has made a video to explain this new brand.

In addition, Bedsonline sales teams from around the world will start a campaign to present their new offerings to their clients, including sales meetings, presentations, webinars and various events held in local markets, whose details will be published soon.

The bedbunk director of Hotelbeds Group, Carlos Muñoz, explained that this new improved offer will help all its clients to increase their income and profits thanks to access to an expanded portfolio, “an improved functionality and greater possibilities of taking full advantage of complementary services. ”

For his part, the director of travel agencies at Hotelbeds Group, Alistair Rodger, said that to implement the changes have taken into account the views of the agencies. “Since I started in this position almost a year ago, I have consulted our clients all over the world without stopping,” he assured.

Also, Rodger explained that with the integration of Tourico Holidays and GTA have included their best features and know-how in aspects such as payment options, operational support and loyalty rewards. “Thanks to our position we will be able to negotiate the best offers,” he added.