Barcelona, Madrid and Malaga, among the favorite European cities to travel by motorhome in autumn and winter

Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Malaga are among the six favorite European cities when it comes to traveling in this type of vehicle during the autumn-winter season, according to an Indie Campers study.

With the rents that the company is already managing on its website for this period, Spain is the favorite country for motorhome tourists when the cold arrives, with a total of 33% of reservations, advancing for the first time to Portugal, which holds 29%

Despite this, by cities, Lisbon is receiving the most (17.1%), followed by Barcelona (11.2%), Madrid (8.4%), the Algarve region (9.1%), Milan (6.4%) and the province of Malaga (5.3%).

The average stay at this time of the year is 6.5 days (three less than in summer) and the average cost that includes the rental of the motorhome and extra services for the entire trip is around 561 euros, which is 48 % of what would be paid in high season.

Regarding the type of tourist that arrives in Spain, the company has found that they are mainly groups of friends (40%), followed by couples (39%). By nationality are the Germans, Americans and Italians who mostly choose Spain for this vacation.

As for the Spanish tourists who stay in Spain, they choose Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Bilbao to travel by motorhome, with a stay two days below the average.