Barcelona, London and Brussels, the most popular destinations for Spaniards to travel this Christmas, according to liligo

Barcelona, ​​London and Brussels occupy the top positions among the most popular destinations for Spaniards who will travel this Christmas, according to a study prepared by the travel searcher

Barcelona seems to recover its vigor as a popular destination for Spanish travelers and also as the most economical. The data reflected in the study carried out by among thousands of searches to travel at Christmas place Barcelona as the favorite destination to travel at the end of the year. The Catalan capital also appears in the first place among the cheapest destinations for Christmas 2018.

The ranking of the most popular destinations for the Christmas holidays is headed by Barcelona followed by London and Brussels, cities that are also in high demand due to their Christmas tradition as a result of their wide range of shopping areas and Christmas markets.

Three Spanish cities are listed in the ranking of the main destinations for this Christmas, namely Seville, which occupies the fifth place and Tenerife, which is in the tenth.

For its part France has four cities on the list: in addition to Paris, Marseille, Nantes and Lyon are also present. All of them very popular destinations for Spanish travelers.


The ranking of the cities to which it is cheaper to fly during the Christmas season is also headed by Barcelona, ​​whose average price stands at 79 euros for the round trip flight. They are followed by Malaga, with 98 euros and London, with 99 euros.

Other very visited European cities also have very cheap prices. This is the case, for example, of Brussels (103 euros), Amsterdam (111 euros), Paris (117 euros), Geneva (117 euros) and Lisbon (142 euros). In terms of national destinations, after Barcelona and Malaga, the next cheapest Spanish cities are Madrid (110 euros) and Seville (142 euros).

The most searched airports by the users for their departure flight are those of Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Valencia, Bilbao, Malaga and Alicante. All of them, with the exception of the Basque, are airports that are common among the ‘Top 10’ of the busiest terminals in Spain.

So, from Barcelona, ​​the most popular destinations are Bangkok, London, New York, Paris and Tenerife; from Madrid, the favorite destinations are Gran Canaria, Havana, London, Marseille, New York and Paris.

For Valencians, the most sought after city is Paris while for travelers who use the Bilbao airport for their departure is Tenerife. The people of Malaga, on the other hand, prefer London and Paris.