Barcelona, awarded best city in promotion and attraction of foreign investment in Europe

The magazine fDi Magazine, of the Financial Times group, has granted for the second consecutive year an international recognition to the Barcelona City Council as the city that displays the best strategy for promoting and attracting investment in Europe, ahead of Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin and Dublin and among 146 participating cities and regions.

In a statement on Sunday, the consistory explained that the report ‘European cities and regions of the future 2018/19’ (FDI s European Cities and Regions of the Future 2018/2019-FDI Strategy) quotes verbatim that “despite the holders of press with riots after the independence referendum and the flight of companies, Barcelona is a city that has known how to readjust itself “.

The report also ensures that the Catalan capital “is fully committed to the retention and attraction of foreign investment,” which is why it awards this prize for the second year in a row.

In addition, it highlights the assets of Barcelona as the recent strategy of relaunching the brand, the transparency policy to transmit confidence in the positive climate for doing business, the technology industry and the fabric of entrepreneurship in the city.

The magazine recognizes as innovative and strategic axes of the city promotion that Barcelona promotes businesses that include gender diversity in its human resources policies and the special conditions for companies that favor the hiring of young people without work and candidates of more than 45 years.