Barajas security guards will go on strike on August 24 and do not rule out extending to other airports

Alternativa Sindical and the Association of Airport Guard of Barajas (AVA) have called the strike to security guards of Ilunion Madrid Airport from August 24 to September 3 to demand compliance with the working conditions of the agreement.

The union explains that Ilunion, which in April this year won the adjudication of the passenger inspection for 58.2 million euros, is not complying with the fluoroscopy, rotation or productivity bonuses that the Ministry of Foments agreed with the employers at a work table in September of last year in which the conditions of the guards were improved.

In fact, Alternativa, which represents 20% of the nearly 1,000 security guards that the security company has, has assured that some of the workers have already begun to judicially demand the lack of payment for these improvements.

Also, Alternative has pointed out that, being something that occurs in other airports, do not rule out that this call is extended in the coming days if “Development and Aena do not give a definitive solution to this situation.” The other companies awarded, Trablisa and Segurisa, owned 51% of Enaire, are not complying with the agreement, according to the union.