Baleares, favorite destination for lovers of sailing in Spain

According to transactional data from Click & Boat, the main online platform for the booking of pleasure boats, Spain has great potential as a nautical destination not only among international travelers, but also among Spaniards, who opt for the Balearic Islands as the star destination of this summer. the Spanish coasts.
Click & Boat, the main online platform for recreational vessel reservations, has analyzed the recreational vessel market in Spain and concludes that the Balearic Islands is the main destination for travelers looking for plans and activities related to navigation, as shown by the transactional data of their reservation system.
In addition, reservations on the Click & Boat platform show that domestic travelers are the ones that most demand boats in Spanish ports (85% of the total), followed by visitors from Italy (5%), Croatia (4%), France (3%) and Greece (2%). According to Alice Bokobza, Sales Manager of Click & Boat Spain, “Spanish users tend to choose national destinations, easily accessible and with recognizable and familiar navigation routes, destinations where the language factor has an important weight”.


Motorboats and sailboats, the best-sellers

The boats most in demand by travelers visiting the Spanish coasts are the motorboats (53%) and the sailboats (31%), followed by the catamaran (10%) and the inflatable boats or Ribcrafts (6%), which will be used to travel along coasts and ports for at least a day and up to a week.
“This distribution of the volume of transactions by vessel type is quite representative of the demand of Spanish users and the offer in Click & Boat,” says Alice. “In fact, motor boats and sailing boats are the most requested and reserved in the domestic market; while catamarans are restricted to a segment with greater purchasing power, both in Spain and in Europe, “he stresses.


May is the month chosen to plan the holidays and in which the largest number of boat reservations are consolidated on the Spanish coasts, which travelers will enjoy between the months of July and August; although there are also last minute reservations, with less than a week in advance, and even days or even hours before sailing. Spanish travelers prefer to book to sail for periods of between one day and a week, while foreign travelers extend the use of boats up to two weeks.


Baleares, the most desired ports in Spain

The Balearic Islands is the main destination in Spain for 38% of Spanish and foreign visitors who have the main motivation for their holidays in navigation, followed by Barcelona or Dénia in Spain, as well as Split (Croatia) or Athens (Greece) in the rest of Europe. Reservations in this destination are concentrated, mainly in Ibiza, Palma and Menorca.
As shown by the Click & Boat data, Ibiza is the destination with the highest percentage of demand for catamarans, one of the most exclusive and highest-cost boats, followed by Palma. In Menorca the demand for motorboats predominates.


“Spain is a perfect destination for travelers who love sailing,” explains Cristina Valenciano, Marketing Manager for Spain. “The diversity of its coasts, the excellent value for money and the complementary offer in gastronomy, leisure and heritage make this country one of our main markets, with great potential to develop specific nautical products for these travelers, with a profile of spending and duration of their stays greater than the average of tourists, “concludes Cristina.