Ibiza is not just a party: day plans for day tourists

One more year, Ibiza will be one of the favorite tourist destinations for thousands of tourists from all countries of the world. Only in 2018 a total of 2,506,639 foreigners and 666,169 national tourists arrived at the Pitiusas – Ibiza and Formentera. Many of these visitors usually arrive attracted by an old hippie paradise that […]

Siam Park stands with the award for “Best Aquatic Park in Europe”

The prize has been awarded by the renowned German platform ‘Travelcircus’ Siam Park, recognized as the best water park in the world for five consecutive years according to TripAdvisor, continues to be successful. Travelcircus, a prestigious German web platform specializing in premium travel experiences, has recently awarded Siam Park the prestigious “Best Aquatic Park in […]

SeaDream Innovation will raise the level of sustainability at sea

Sailing in 2021, SeaDream’s new and exclusive mega-yacht will be the most advanced hybrid ship in the world SeaDream Innovation, represented by StarClass in our country, is the most advanced hybrid ship built to date. Atle Brynestad, owner and founder of SeaDream, said “we are proud to contribute to the cruise industry by taking the […]

48 days of authentic European beauty: Silversea’s Silver Shadow embarks on the Mediterranean Grand Voyage 2019

The elegant Silver Shadow from Silversea, recently sailed from Barcelona in the 48-day Mediterranean Grand Voyage of the cruise company. Starting on June 11, after spending the night in the Catalan capital, this round trip will offer 39 destinations in nine countries, while traveling closer to the most impressive landscapes and the unique cultures of […]

Silversea guests will have the opportunity to see whales from over 1000 different views

Blue whales, orcas, dolphins …: Silversea guests will have the opportunity to see whales from more than 1000 different views Operating in conjunction with the ORCA marine conservation organization, during the last Silversea whale-watching trips guests were able to see a total of 1,076 marine mammals, including sightings of blue whales, orcas, yubartas, sperm whales, […]

The best coasts to enjoy surf tourism in Asia

· The great Asian continent is known for its exoticism, its dazzling capitals and its gastronomy, but also offers unbeatable coasts for surfing  · The airline Cathay Pacific connects, from Madrid and Barcelona, ​​with the best destinations to practice the sport of fashion Nature in its purest form, the warm climate, the warm temperature of […]

The Ryanair punctuality index reaches 91% in June

87% of Ryanair customers have rated their flights as “Excellent / Very Good / Good” The delays caused by air traffic control in June doubled, affecting more than 9,000 flights Ryanair has announced its customer service statistics for the month of June, confirming that:  91% of flights were punctual in June (excluding delays caused by […]