Architecture, design and interior design for new accommodation options

It is clear that for travelers not only the price and location is important when choosing the place for your stay, the design and personalization of it are determining factors to opt for accommodation. a & o Hostels offers its guests the combination of multiple formulas that offer the traveler design, personalization, excellent location and value for money.

The travelers of our time are hunters of experiences. In each destination they visit they want to discover, explore and be surprised, and that includes accommodation, a trend that all tourism companies have translated into their services in innovative and stylish ways. Hostels have interpreted this trend in many different ways, transforming their spaces by taking inspiration from new trends in design, architecture and interior design, such as a & o Hostels, the largest affordable accommodation chain in Europe.

«In a & o Hostels, we conceive each of our accommodations as open and open spaces, where our guests can enjoy a warm and simple environment, which encourages interaction with other travelers,» explains Oliver Winter, CEO and founder of a & o Hostels .

This global concept, combining functionality and design, is reflected in the rooms, both individual and shared, offering everything necessary for a traveler to be comfortable without artifice; and you can also experiment in the common areas, areas dedicated to games, work, leisure and gastronomy.

A good example of the style and personality of the rooms of a & o Hostels are those of the a & o Köln Newmarkt, in Cologne, Germany, renovated this year, it has printed in its rooms a modern and clean style, with soft tones, which contrast with the vivid colors of its fun lobby and lounge, perfect for relaxing and chatting.

An innovative modular architecture model

The founder of the company is convinced that, currently, the hostel market is not restricted to a specific traveler profile, as long as the experience and facilities of the accommodation combine good location, design, innovation and comfort.

«Families, groups of friends, professionals in business trips, couples on a city break trip … we received a very diverse typology of travelers who appreciate our value for money,» says Winter. For example, the a & o Frankfurt Galluswarte, in Frankfurt (Germany) receives a large volume of corporate clients thanks to its excellent location, one kilometer from the Central Station and the fairground of this financial capital, which has, among other services, meeting rooms, open meeting spaces and a bar open 24 hours, perfect for business appointments or to rest after a long day.

One of the elements that allow to offer this excellent quality-price ratio in the accommodations of a & o is the design of the spaces, which the company has developed with the help of the Viennese firm BWM Architekten. It is a system of modular architecture that accentuates recognizable aspects of the identity of the brand, combining natural tones, black and white, with mobile elements of bright colors.

These elements can be seen in the 350 rooms of the newly renovated Prague Rhea, in the Czech capital, where the modular concept is mixed with natural materials and soft colors that invite rest, which bring the outdoor gardens to the interior.

An innovative modular architecture model

As explained by the CEO and founder of a & o Hostels, this new design concept «reflects our maturity and growth», in common spaces, such as the lobby, that encourage conversation and meeting.

The areas shared by the guests combine rest areas, libraries and bars, with work and play areas for the little ones, marked with innovative blue and white graphic elements also present on the facades and in the rooms, which have bunk beds especially designed for a & o. These elements are very present in a & o München Laim, in Munich (Germany), which combines the daring design of its 214 rooms with the bright colors of the common spaces, which take center stage is the play spaces for children.

Guests can also enjoy leisure areas with foosball tables, rooms for video games or table tennis, such as those available at the Venice Mestre 2, in Venice (Italy), inaugurated this year in the city of the canals, and which exemplifies the spirit of play and fun of the common spaces of a & o Hostels accommodation in a space where guests can enjoy table football or pool tables, or a reading area.