Andorra is studying the implementation of a tourist tax that reverts in the sector

The goal for this 2020 is to increase tourists by 1.2%

Andorra is studying the implementation of a tourist tax that reverts in the sector, although the project is in a «very embryonic» phase, as Tourism Minister Verònica Canals explained on Friday in the Legislative Committee on Economy.

Canals has appeared at the parliamentary headquarters to present the five strategic lines in which the work of the Ministry leading for this legislature has been structured.

Thus, one of the axes is cooperation with other countries and international organizations, and it is in this framework that we study how other states have implemented and structured tourist rates, which is «very much assumed» by the final consumer.

The Minister of Tourism has assured that the amount has not yet been defined or how the rate would be structured, nor how it would revert in the sector, although it is clear that it is wanted to revert in it.

Another strategic axis is the regulation policy of the sector, with the objective of achieving a quality tourism offer: thus the policy will be «continuous» and the regulations derived from the Tourism Accommodation Law will be developed to establish the quality standards that should be comply.

Also with the objective of improving the quality of the offer, a third line of action is based on training; the staff wants to be trained so that they give better customer service and at the same time become prescribers and contribute to the seasonal adjustment.

National products are built on a fourth axis of action, and in this sense Canals has advanced that work is being done on a wine tourism label and another traditional restaurant, where the most traditional dishes of Andorran gastronomy are offered and that are being collecting to edit a recipe book, among others.

The last axis focuses on concrete and transversal projects that work together with other ministries.


In the public appearance also has participated the manager of Andorra Tourism, Betim Budzaku, who has stated that the objective that has been set by society is to increase tourists visiting the country by 1.2%.

This objective is specified in receiving a total of more than three million tourists and that the growth is 1.1% in Spanish tourists, 1.3% in French tourists and 1.9% of tourists of other nationalities.

Budzaku has stated that the commercial and marketing strategy is aimed at increasing the number of tourists because they make a higher average expenditure than the visitors of a single day, of about 150 euros compared to 90 hikers.


The director of the Department of Tourism the Government of Andorra, Sergi Nadal, explained in the appearance before the legislative commission of Economy that there are 2,795 houses declared for tourist use.

At this point, Nadal has stated that «it will be increasingly demanding», and in fact they have already carried out a hundred inspections of tourist homes that were advertised on Internet platforms as such or as a result of neighborhood consultations, and 24 disciplinary proceedings have been opened.

Andorra studies the implementation of a tourist tax that reverts in the sector

The director of the Department of Tourism has explained that in most cases the file is for not having a tourist accommodation registration number, and in a couple of cases for exceeding the maximum capacity.