Amadeus closes an agreement for the purchase of the Australian ICM Airport Techics

Amadeus has signed an agreement to acquire ICM Airport Technics, a company dedicated to automated solutions for passenger processing and baggage self-billing systems for airports and airlines, announced the tourism services technology provider to the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) .

Based in Sydney (Australia), ICM is specialized in providing these solutions to clients located mainly in the Asia-Pacific region and in Europe.

ICM works with about 25 airports, including some of the most important airports in the world and is a pioneer in the use of biometric technology to manage baggage processing.

The operation is part of Amadeus strategy to seek opportunities in the entire value chain of the travel industry business, within its new business units, which include the hotel market, airports, travel intelligence and rail, as well as of its division destined to explore emerging opportunities such as the use of mobile phones and social networks (‘new media’).