Alternative accommodation already adds 20% of Booking’s income

They grow faster than traditional hotel reservations

The alternative accommodation business generated $ 2.8 billion in revenue (2.459 million euros) in 2018 for, 20% of Booking Holdings’ revenues, growing at a faster rate than traditional accommodations, according to has released the company in a press release.

Booking Holdings, the parent company of, revealed the revenues of the alternative accommodation business «for the first time in its history».

According to the company, this segment increased faster than the company’s consolidated growth rate, «which indicates good profitability.» Thus, during the third quarter of 2018, the important milestone of more than 1,000 million dollars (878 million euros) in revenue was reached.

Booking has a total of 5.7 million alternative accommodations listed on the platform (being a higher figure compared to the rest of the competitors in the market of houses / apartments). In addition, this figure has increased by 18% with each year.

The company has also revealed that 40% of ‘active customers have booked alternative accommodation (houses, apartments, igloos, tree houses, etc.) sometime within the last 12 months, «what It shows that consumers opt for a wide variety of accommodations, from hotels to houses, on the same platform. »

In Spain, has more than 410,000 units of alternative accommodation listed on the platform.