Almost 40% of European travelers will spend more on their holidays

Almost 40% of European travelers plan to spend more on their summer holidays in travel, flights, hotels and complementary services, according to data from the Saber technology company that ensures that travelers are more willing than ever in extra services.

Saber surveyed more than 4,000 people from the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Italy who had traveled in the last 24 months, to identify emerging trends.

Of the countries surveyed, the intention to increase spending was higher in Italy and the United Kingdom, where more than 40% of respondents said they will spend more on holidays this year, compared to 28% for French travelers and 30 % of Germans. In comparison, only 15% plan to reduce spending.

Travelers were also willing to spend more than ever on flight and hotel extras that could improve their travel experience, with an average of 124 euros.

British travelers are those who plan to spend more, are willing to spend an average of 161 euros on complementary services of airlines and hotel extras, an increase of 17% over 2016.

It is expected that the New Distribution Capacity (NDC) of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) will transform the way to sell travel, by making it easier for airlines and third parties to show interactive content through all channels.

Regarding the offer search to start your vacation, travelers are very fragmented. Thus 27% would start in an online travel agency, 23% in an airline website, 17% in a metasearch engine such as Skyscanner, 15% in a search engine such as Google and 10% would go to to a travel agency


Regarding the stimuli that would encourage travelers to spend even more on their trips for the British, the main thing is confidence and tranquility. 32% would spend more if they had the certainty of having obtained the best offer for their vacations.

For French travelers, getting rewards for their loyalty turned out to be the most important aspect, with 33%.

Other reasons mentioned were: receiving more attractive offers from their airlines and hotels (22%), being able to reserve all the components of their trip in one place (20%) and the facility to find the products and services they were looking for ( 14%).