Almost 30% more airplanes for winter from the United Kingdom to the Balearic Islands despite the ‘Brexit’

Airlines that operate routes between the United Kingdom and the three Balearic airports will offer 29% more seats in their air connections over the next six months, according to the Balearic Tourism Strategies Agency (Aetib).

This has been reported by the Ministry of Economic, Tourism and Labor in a note detailing that the companies that make these flights have scheduled more than 350,000 additional seats over the same period last year.

From September to February 2020, airlines have programmed 1.7 million seats from the United Kingdom to the Islands, while in the same months last year were 1.32 million, according to an Aetib statistic collected by the Government , which highlights this behavior despite the «uncertainty» of Brexit.

The increases occur in the three airports of the Balearic Islands and in the case of Palma, the 875,000 seats offered last year will be increased to 1.06 million this year, up 21.7 percent.

In addition, connections between the United Kingdom and Mallorca will experience increases in places every month until the end of this year, and the trend will continue in January and February 2020.

In the case of Menorca, it will go from 153,000 places offered last year to 235,241 that the airlines have put up for sale for the next six months, 53.5 percent more.

In Ibiza, the increase in the number of places with the United Kingdom is 34.9 percent, from 298,000 last year to 401,944 that will be offered over the next six months. The largest increases, as indicated, will occur in the months of least activity, November, December, January and February.

Although these are forecasts of seats offered and not of places sold, the Ministry has assured that these data reflect a lengthening of the season and an «improvement of the activity in the months of less tourist influx» in the Balearic Islands, fruit of the «confidence that the destination offers airlines not only during the high season. »

By airports, the main increases in Palma will occur in connections with Aberdeen (+315 percent), Birmingham (+58.4 percent) or Edinburgh (+44.7 percent). Only Liverpool or Belfast will register falls in the offer of air seats compared to last year.

In Menorca, the largest increases in seats will take place on the routes with Cardiff (+625 percent), Doncaster (+372 percent) and Norwich (+225 percent).

Finally, in Ibiza all connections with the United Kingdom except one (Liverpool) will improve the offer of air seats in the next six months, according to statistics prepared by the Aetib.