AirHelp recalls the rights of air passengers in travel package reservations

The European Union creates a new directive on travel packages that will come into force in July of this year

With summer just around the corner, most Spaniards are getting ready to go on vacation. The new technological trends make every day new methods to contract travel packages, or even customize them in specialized web pages, and therefore, a new directive has been imposed from the European Union to regulate all the legal gaps that appear with these innovations

For this reason, AirHelp, the leading online platform that helps travelers in all compensation for delays, cancellations or denied boarding of airlines, reports that this new directive will be effective for this summer, more precisely from this July, 2018

The travel and package combinations included in the new EU directive

This new directive extends the existing one as far as data protection is concerned.Previously, the EU protected the traditional holidays organized by tourism consultants, but with this new directive that will come into force in July of this year, it also provides clear protection to more than 120 million consumers who book travel packages by other methods. so traditional, as for example, a combination of flight and hotel through the same website.

These combinations are protected by considering a package, especially when travel services are announced as such, and are reserved within the same booking process or, when offered or charged with a joint or single price.

The combinations and travel packages to which the directive responds are:

· Pre-established travel packages: vacations prepared by a tourist consultant consisting of at least 2 elements: transport, accommodation or other services such as car rental.

· Personalized travel packages: a selection of items for the same trip or holiday and purchased in a single company online or offline.

· Extra packages in a single click: considered those extras of a trip booked in just a “click”, where the traveler, after having booked a travel service on a website, is proposed to book another service on another website through a link. For this type of agreement, the client must be informed that he is not booking a package, but that, subject to the conditions, his anticipated payments will be protected.

Paloma Salmerón, communication director of AirHelp advises that “this summer, travelers should take into account this new EU directive so that passengers know their rights and airlines and tourists do not take advantage of this lack of information. In this way, if travelers opt for a vacation package and suffer some mishap in their flights, they have to know that they have the same right to request a claim. If any problem arises during your trip, the entire AirHelp team will be at your disposal as well as the company’s App. ”

The AirHelp application is free and available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. To obtain more information or verify your right to an air compensation, you can visit: