Airbus develops a solution to adapt wide cabin aircraft to cargo operations during the pandemic

Airbus is developing a solution for the A330 and A350 families aircraft that will allow airlines to install cargo pallets directly on the rails of the economy class seats, thus being able to adapt the aircraft to the cargo transport operations that are being carried out. developing during the pandemic.

With this modification, the manufacturer wants to help airlines to continue their operations and help alleviate the shortage of cargo capacity, being able to meet a greater part of the demand for the transport of medical equipment or other supplies to long-distance destinations. 

This solution is also safer than placing the packages on the seats in terms of fire protection and to avoid unwanted movements, as well as making the loading and unloading process easier.

The aeronautical manufacturer offers these changes to operators as an Airbus Service Bulletin package. In this way, Airbus defines the scope of engineering work and also deals with the process to obtain the certificate of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

The package covers the removal of seats and the IFE system, the installation of cargo pallets and associated safety equipment, as well as the reinstallation of the original cabin elements to return to operations with passengers. The package can continue to be applied after the pandemic.